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look at 3 2 in annapolis. we are talking freezing there below freezing in emetsburg --memberetsburg and -- emmettingburg and pylesville. cold weather sticks with us throughout the day. let's talk about maryland's most power ulful radar because things -- powerful radar because things are dying down a few flurries around salisbury. things are tapering he off. very dry air so lots -- tapering off. very dry air. so lots of precip. the rain and snow not hitting the ground but we have reports of flurries in salisbury. now we can plan accordingly and step out the door around 8 temperatures at 33 degrees. by lunchtime today that temperature coming in at 36 and the high this afternoon around 3:00 only 37 degrees. let's check the traffic now with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a pretty calm commute so far. here's a live look at 95 south of eastern avenue. there are no problems heading
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downtown and it will be nice and clear through the tunnels as well. and as we check in and look at 695, traffic is starting to pick up on east side but no significant delays. looking at an 11 minute ride right now on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 93. and no concerns over out west side of the beltway. it's going to take 8 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. and the inner loop will be clear up through pikesville. heading downtown, no problems whatsoever on the jfx. normal 11 minutes traveling southbound from the beltway to fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. the new year is off to a tough start for one family in cecil county. >> a 10-year-old girl is fighting for her life. she was hurt while ringing in the new year with her family. she was visiting from pennsylvania. this happened. linda so is here this morning to tell us how badly was she injured. >> reporter: at last check it is very serious. she was in critical condition on life support. it happened as the clock struck
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midnight on new year's eve. witnesses reported hearing gunshots mixed in with fireworks. investigators believe a bullet went into the air and came back down hitting the girl in the head. the 10-year-old girl from pennsylvania collapsed minutes after midnight. it happened on aj -- ajs court. sheriff deputies are trying to figure out how far away the shooter was from the girl. investigators spent new year's day canvassing the neighborhood hoping to find more evidence. at this point they don't think the bullet came from a family member. neighbors say they heard gunshots fired when fireworks went off. >> firearms for celebratory reasons is not safe. this is a unique example, but this is against the law. so something that people shouldn't do. >> reporter: now investigators with the cecil county sheriff office want you to call if you were in the area in elkton of ajs court and they are hoping to get more information from witnesses. the number is 410-392-2117.
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linda so, abc2 news. >> thank you. the 2013 session begins in annapolis one week from today. one of the hot items for debate could be legalizing marijuana. bills that would have legalized the drug for medical use stalled in annapolis in each of the past two years. state officials have said they are concerned that marijuana is illegal under federal law. supporters argue the feds have not interfered with colorado's state run marijuana program. making news around the nation, a sledding accident caught on camera. a man slide over a partially frozen lake in california breaking through the ice. several people tried to help him out throwing ropes and inner tubes his way. but they started to fall through the ice as well. everyone was rescued and the lake has been shut down throughmarch. two homeless men are credited with foiling a robbery. they saw a businessman being robbed in cincinnati and stepped in to help. a surveillance camera caught the whole thing. take a look. >> i got to the corner, another
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gentleman came up behind him and took his arm and put it down around his head and took him down to the ground and started to punp him. >> i heard someone yell for help and i looked over and a man was being assaulted. >> instincts jumped in you know. you have to help. >> earl i stood over him so the guy couldn't hit him anymore. >> they say they didn't think twice about the suspect potentially having a gun but followed their gut. the suspect was taken into custody and charged with robbery. a well-known journalist is back on the air. >> hannah storm returns to work after being burned in a gas explosion. this morning she is opening up about that scary ordeal. >> if you thought there was no stronger bond than identical twins you want to think again. why two bundles of joy are bringing the sisters closer. >> reporter: traffic is starting to pick up on 95. north of 195, i will let you know what traffic looks like on
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83 and beltway coming up on good morning maryland.
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hanna hf storm is back at work. >> she returned new year day to host rose parade. this is the first appearance since she was hurt what propane grill exploded and her left hand still damaged. >> it happened in a split second and it's so shocking and immediately i was on fire. >> you can see the bannedage she was wearing during the a -- bandage she was wearing during the parade. she suffered first and second degree burns to chest hand and face and neck. dancing with the stars judgment married his long time girlfriend. 68-year-old surprised family andfriends and they thought
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they were coming for lunch. only his 96-year-old mother knew what he was up to. >> don't leave mom out. hugh hefner married his 26- year-old fiancee at the playboy mansion. >> june 2011 she called off the wedding but went through with it this time. this is his third marriage. >> so much to say. >> but don't. >> so much to say. a man catches a thief trying to break into his home. >> we will tell you the unique way he spotted the crook and how it helped police track down the suspect. and students and staff from sandy hook elementary school prepare to go back to class. what they can expect when they come into the new building. >> with the wind this morning it feels like the teens in some spots. i will tell you when the temperatures will hit the teens around here coming up. >> reporter: we are dealing with a crash right now on 695. not far from the scene at harford road. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. w=!n
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good morning i am preeing megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. we have timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: we are dealing with delays on 695 in overlea war crash cleared from the inner loop at blair road. traveling towards 95 leave extra time. outer loop congesting and it will take 13 minutes to travel from 95 all the way up to 8 3. and this is what the northwest corner of the belt wait looks like at old -- beltway looks like at old court road. nothing in your way to route 40 and inner loop clear to pikesville. hunt valley 83 at shawan road, everything is clear. no problems from the maryland pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. it will remain clare on the j- fx. -- clear on the jfx. in east baltimore a crash on eastern avenue at lynwood avenue. that's a look at your
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abc2timesaver traffic and here's lynette charles with a pretty cold forecast. >> good morning. you said it. it's cold this morning. coming in at 24 degrees in myersville. and the temperatures below average in this spot. and we are dealing with very dry air. look at dew points at 18. we have winds out of the north at 4 miles an hour making that 32 feel like we are in the 20s this morning. and ellicott city the temperature is in the 20s. when you wake up tomorrow, we will be feeling like we are in the teens or see temperatures around the teens. as we look at the wind out of the west, at the northwest rather about 4 miles an hour, that 29 is feeling more like we are in the low 20s this morning. now maryland's most powerful radar has all five sweeps scanning the skies and things are drying out nicely and we will get filtered sunshine going throughout the day. but in the meantime, this is what you can expect for the planner. the cold temperatures will stick through the afternoon. the high right around 37 and then temperatures dropped back
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off around 33 degrees by 7:00 this evening. megan and charley. breaking news update. it's a done deal at least for now. >> well into the late night hours the house passed a plan to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff. but in reaching the agreement, they essentially kicked the can down the road. >> sherrie johnson is live on what this means for you. so what does it mean? i think people want to know this morning. >> reporter: well, basically, yes, this agreement to prevent consequences of the fiscal cliff within approval in the house and now president obama will sign the law. lawmakers did not meet the deadline on this and the grand bargain that both parties claimed was their ultimate goal. there was concern among republicans about a lack of spending cuts. now the fiscal cliff deal would shield income tax cuts for all workers earning less than 400,000 dollars a year and households less than 450,000 dollars. it also he prevents a tax hike on estates valued at less than 5 million dollars. it extends unemployment
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benefits for about 2 million people that were set to expire. what it doesn't do is raise the debt ceiling. in two months government will reach the limit on borrowing unless congress acts. bill only delays large cuts to the pentagon and other government programs. although congress missed the january 1st midnight deadline by-passing the compromise deal in the house and senate, congress can try to take credit for retroactive tax cuts. >> it's a very, very strong first step. >> this is an important one. that is critical one for the future of the country. >> reporter: so in march another round of fighting as congress tackles the debt ceiling. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. immediately after commenting on the house vote the president headed to andrews air force base in maryland and this is new video from overnight where he boarded the plane to fly to hawaii to rejoin his family. obama spent five days there before returning to the white house last thursday. changes are coming to the health care for the coming year
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of 2013 the main is health insurance exchanges. they must be up and running by october 1st. only 18 states including maryland on thed to build their exchange. other things you need to watch out for, contributions to a flexible spending account is limited to 2500 dollars. you're allowed to deduct more unreimbursed medical cost when you file taxes but for that you have to itemize. >> 6:47. going back to school tomorrow could be tough for students and staff of sandy hook elementary. they are going back to class and they he won't return to the same building but will go to another school in a nearby town. desks and belongings after the shooting were placed in the classroom. an open house is held today for kids and parents and the experts say it's important for children to get back into the routine and for teachers and parents to offer sensitive reassurances. in light of the sandy hook shooting armed police officers will be stationed at every school in the district of marlboro township in new jersey
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beginning today. before there was one officer at a high school and a another would visit middle and elementary schools. now there will be one at each school at all times. >> >> i yob is to keep the jurisdictions and people in marlboro safe. right now based on advice of my police department, it's safer to have our trained police officers in the schools than not. >> school leaders say the officers at the school will be the new normal until they can hammer out an upgraded -- upgraded permanent security plan. a photographer was killed while snapping pictures owned by justin bieber. he was hit by a car after taking photos of the vehicle in los angeles. sports car was pulled over by the police officer. justin bieber was not inside. the photographer was struck while crossing the street and died at the hospital. no charges are likely to be filed against the driver who hit the man. a chance flyover lands a suspected thief behind bars. it's routine for david to fly over the north carolina home when ever he takes his plane
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out so imagine his surprise when doing the flyover he sees someone trying to break into his home. he watched as the thief hooked up the trailer and truck and drove off. he landed the plane and called 911. >> i would be willing to play a lottery ticket number on that one that it doesn't happen that often. so he got extremely lucky he happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> good to know. police tracked down the suspect and he's been charged with grand theft. eating foods high in fructose could lead you to overeating. scientists used image be tests to show the brain doesn't register when fructose is coon supped to be full as opposed to glucose. eye doesn't prove it can cause obesity but adds evidence that it may play a role. consumption of this sugar hasrisen since the 19p 0 -- 1970s and so has obesity rates. the holiday season is over and you that i be planning for
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2013 travel. there are somethings to keep in mind when booking the vacation. expect to pay more for your plane ticket and also more fees for things like checked bags. analysts amore airlines will join forces this year creating less -- say more airlines will join forces this year creating less competition. if you plan traveling by car, there is good news for you this year. gas prices will soon be dropping. time for five things to know on this wednesday. the man accused of shooting dozens of people at a movie theater in colorado is due back in court. james holmes faces multiple counts of murder. 12 people died and 58 others were injured. a civil case for casey anthony will begin today. a woman is suing her for defamation of character saying anthony used her name during the murder trial when she told the jury a nanny kidnapped her daughter kale leigh. the state -- caylee.
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the state of pennsylvania will sue ncaa in the wake of the allegations -- sanctions due to the jerry sandusky case. a law says incandescent bulbs can no longer be imported or produced. retailers can sell what's left but the government is failing them out in favor of more energy efficient bulbs. if you have a real tree, megan pringle, before you toss it in the trash consider recycle it. howard county is offering a free merry mulch program. drop off the real tree at a number of locations. also the county will turn it into compost and into mulch. we posted a list of drop off locations on victims of hurricane sandy will have to wait if they can get federal aid. congress wrapped up the session without holding a vote on a funding bill acosting angeramong new york city
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lawmakers. the house apokess committee -- appropriation committee drapted a 27 billion dollar measure and the vote was expected to happen before tomorrow. you know you should be prepared in the case of an emergency. and the same for the county where you live. the maryland association of counties is focusing on emergency response during a 3- day meeting that kicks off today. they will talk about how to reach vulnerable people during natural disasters. also how to minimize storm damage to public works and toinfrastructure. more than 600 people took a dip in the atlantic ocean for the ocean city penguin swim raising more than 80,000 dollars for the atlantic general hospital. water temperatures were in the low 40s so they didn't hang around because 40 degree temperatures in the water that's deadly. >> that is. yeah. that will get cold. and the polar bear plunge at sandy point polar bear plunge. >> would you tell lynette we
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signed her up for the polar bear plunge. >> we should do it. >> you guys have jokes this morning. i like that. it's very cold out there. you need to bundle up as you step out. look at temperatures around the nation. we are talking about teens. so we are on a stepladder and the colder air is going to be moving in. i will call it the polar invasion. look at chicago, 12 degrees. we are looking at 17 in minneapolis this morning and we are going to get in on some of that chilly air as we go through time here. we are cold this morning with temperatures coming in at 30 degrees in catonsville. 24 in manchester. darlington at 27. and the temperatures below freezing at freezing in annapolis and also easton. and this is what we can expect as we go through the day. the temperature will stay cold and get colder as we head into tomorrow. those temperatures are coming up in second. at the surface we have high pressure that will slowly begin to build in and with it we will get filtered sunshine. we have that disturbance to the south of us and that's why you are dealing with the rain showers around north carolina and south carolina.
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if you are traveling in that direction, be prepared for the wet weather. otherwise, future trend not picking up on a whole lot in terms of rain or snow. we will stay dry as we go through the next several days and the local forecast keeps us cold as well. look at 36 we are eying in tawnytown and sykesville. 35 in westminster and 30s as we slide over into inner harbor and 38, 35 in northeast. and as we go towards the eastern shore, we are looking at temperatures in easton at 37 and 36 in chester and 35 in elkton. that 7-day forecast keeps the 30s. the low 30s around as we go into thursday. and as we head into the weekend, 43 degrees will be the temperature as we go play the ravens. or play indianapolis rather. and let's go over to lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hopefully beat the colts this sunday. if you are traveling in baltimore city, we have a crash near patterson park. it's on eastern avenue near lynwood.
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heading downtown to the jfx it's clear and no problems through the tunnels. that's a different story on 695. over lae a crash cleared and you are looking live at harford road outer loop sluggish. it's going to take 13 minutes to travel from 95 all the way up to 83. traveling on the west side of the beltway, here's the northwest corner in pikesville at green spring avenue. average speed clocking in at 50 miles per hour and inner loop pretty good shape as you make the push up towards 83. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charley over to you. listen to this, a pair of identical twins share another special bond besides the dna. they both became mothers on thesame day amy nelson gave birth at 12:11 a couple hours later her sister delivered her baby boy. they say they are best friend but didn't plan on getting pregnant at the same time. >> big surprise. >> i thought i was two days after you did.
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>> uh-huh. >> yep. >> yep. >> it's the same symptoms and didn't think it would happen but it would. >> uh-huh. >> they just gave birth give them a break. come on. >> amy's baby was not due until five days after her sister's and her family knew the children would have great story but had no idea the two babies are now sharing the same birthday just like their moms. >> maybe that will happen to your girls. >> i don't want to think about that yet. i want to get them to walk. >>er that week old. >> exactly -- they are a week old. >> exactly. >> back on the roads, things all right. >> reporter: so far so good. dealing with delays on 695. i will update you on them on my facebook page but it's pretty calm commute all in all. >> speaking of facebook, weigh in and let us know what you think about foul language in the workplace. there's an interesting study you can read about on the facebook page and weigh in. >> swear jar. >> there it is.
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>> see you in a bit. throughout the day. ♪ [ female announcer ] from the day we are born, we're defined by a number. ♪ but is a number inspiring? ♪ we believe in a more powerful motivation. [ woman #1 ] pride. [ woman #2 ] posibilidades. [ woman #3 ] self esteem. [ woman #4 ] confidenca. [ female announcer ] not a number, but the way we want to feel. [ woman #5 ] beautiful. [ female announcer ] tell us... what will you gain when you lose?
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